About us

The founders of Blind Stamp Editions are James Woodley from Prescription Art and Simon Vaughan from Glastonbury Festival.

Prescription Art was founded by James in 2008, and has recently moved into a beautiful new gallery space in Brighton (UK). With many years experience of exhibiting and selling artwork, and also in print publishing, he has a huge global network of customers, artists and galleries.

With a background in event management, Simon has spent the last seven years working for the notorious after hours 'Shangri-La' area of Glastonbury Festival. As well as being the go-to area of the festival for a late night party, Shangri-La is also renowned for providing an immersive experience created by an ever evolving roster of International Artists. As artistic co-ordinator the the area, in recent years Simon has brought artists of the calibre of Shepard Fairey, Mark Jenkins, Ludo, Ron English, Paul Insect, Doug Foster, Insa, Shaka, Ricardo Cavolo and many others into the festival.